Forbidden Flower Cannabis

INDICA: Midnight Thorneberry - is one of those strains that was bred specifically for her. This wonderfully heavy Indica is potent, with delicious fruity notes, and large fuzzy buds. Bella has been very open about her anxieties, and this strain provided her with the calming relief she sought after a long hectic day at work, or simply when she needed to wind down from her energetic lifestyle.

HYBRID: Rosé Lemonade  - is a heavy Indica leaning hybrid with the beautiful aroma of a bouquet of roses and deep citrus notes. The nose on these buds are light and airy. The nugs are mossy green and with a bluish hue. It has been known to provide relief from pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. The user experiences a body high that feels warm and makes your muscles tingle slightly providing a pleasant euphoria. It is also great for relieving mental blocks and sparking creativity. Bella picked this strain and had asked Graham to hone in on it - it gave her the anxiety reducing effects she needs, while also being one of the more delicious strains she has ever had. It is truly a therapeutic strain and caters to weed connoisseurs looking for remarkable flavour. 

Forbidden Flowers Sativa Preroll

SATIVA : Cosmic Wolf -  It is a legendary Sativa leaning strain with mysterious genetic history. The nugs have a beautiful silver white appearance with dark orange pistils. It has an earthy, woodsy nose of pine and diesel aromas. When smoking this strain, the euphoria is mostly cerebral and has thought stimulating effects. It is perfect for consuming at parties where the conversations are flowing.